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Failed SMS Yellow Letter Automation

Direct Mail is one of best proven cost-effective direct marketing strategy.

We suggest you start with TEXTING your prospects in our Deal Finders Funnel because texting is only $0.04 per text. You can also send a RINGLESS VOICEMAIL for $0.04 per delivered RVM as well as COLD CALL inside our Funnel.

However, when working with a quality targeted list you typically get a 10 – 16% contact rate on cold calls and many text messages are not delivered for one reason or another. Your next best, most cost-effective strategy is DIRECT MAIL.

Deal Finders Funnel automates the sending a SINGLE YELLOW LETTER or EIGHT (8) YELLOW LETTER Campaign over SIX (6) Months to your targeted lists. This can be automated by sending a yellow letter to the UNDELIVERED TEXTS or NO CONTACT lists.

Yellow Letters are sent at just $1.25 per yellow letter via first class mail with complete automation.

Failed SMS to Single Yellow Letter or 6 Month Campaign

  1. Text Message is Undelivered to Your Targeted Prospect
  2. Automatically Pulls Your Return Mailing Address & Phone #
  3. Automatically Pulls Contact’s Mailing Address
  4. Automatically Prints & Mails Your Yellow Letter with First Class Mail
  5. Fully Automated to Maximize Your ROI — So You Never Forget to Follow Up!