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Direct Mail is one of best proven cost-effective direct marketing strategy.

We suggest you start with TEXTING your prospects in our Deal Finders Funnel because texting is only $0.04 per text. You can also send a RINGLESS VOICEMAIL for $0.04 per delivered RVM as well as COLD CALL inside our Funnel.

However, when working with a quality targeted list you typically get a 10 – 16% contact rate on cold calls and many text messages are not delivered for one reason or another. Your next best, most cost-effective strategy is DIRECT MAIL.

Send post cards from Deal Finders Funnel at just $0.99 per postcard via first class mail with complete automation.

Post Cards with Front Foto

  1. Give us your list OR Get list from us
  2. Funnel Automatically Pulls FRONT FOTO of the Property
  3. Funnel Automatically Pulls Your Return Mailing Address & Phone #
  4. Funnel Automatically Pulls Contact’s Mailing Address
  5. Funnel Automatically Prints & Mails Your Postcard with First Class Mail
  6. Funnel Automatically Updates Mail Status with Post Card Proof