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Real-Time Agent Reports

Provide Visibility Into Call Tracking and Call Center

Gain instant visibility into the performance of your call center agents

DealFindersFunnel’ real-time agent reporting provides you with a live dashboard view into the current activity in your call center. With one glance, you will know your current call volume, what your agents are doing, and how performance has been for the day so far.

real time call center agent dashhboard

In conjunction with the reporting Deal Finders Funnel provides on calls driven from your online and traditional advertising channel performance, it’s important for you to know what is happening with those calls once they hit your call center.

  • Conversions (dollar and quantity) by agent
  • Average score of calls by agent
  • Calls taken by agent
  • Agents available, unavailable, busy, or in custom statuses
  • Calls missed by agent
  • Outbound and inbound calls handled by agent

Customers use this information to identify performance issues in their call center and to understand which advertising channels and agents are leading to the most conversions.

As calls come in to your tracking numbers, you and your call center agents will see them in real-time. Agents can enter notes, emails, scores, and conversions for each of their calls right in the call log.

Conversion Tracking

Associate conversions, ratings, and call quality back to the correct advertising channel and agent.

With each call, you will know:

  • Caller name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Company
  • Advertising channel
  • The ad that led to the call
  • Keywords used by the caller
  • Pages they viewed on your website
  • Caller history

As a manager, you have the ability to listen to the recordings of all of your calls, live listen on calls as they happen, and send notes to your agents in the system about particular calls.

DealFindersFunnel also offers integrations with systems like Salesforce;so that your agents don’t even have to leave the Salesforce interface to see all the rich detail about the caller and update conversion and rating information.


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