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Geographic routing sends calls to the location closest to
them so that they do not have to be sent to a central call
center and transferred

Distribute calls based on the geographic location of the caller

A business has locations across the country

DFF displays one number on your website

Visitors call that number and enter ZIP code

Automatically route call to closest location

Caller and agent are seamlessly connected

GeoRouting (geographic routing) automatically routes calls to the location that’s most relevant to the caller. This solves the issue of having to put clients and prospects on hold to transfer between locations and avoids the need to repeat information from agent to agent. Businesses may automatically route callers to their closest location using Caller Insights, or by asking callers to identify their location by keying in their zip code.


GeoRouting, or geographic routing, is a technology that dynamically routes calls to the location that is closest or most relevant to a specific caller. This type of call routing works to eliminate the need for placing callers on hold and transferring, as the transfer occurs automatically.

Geographic routing is particularly useful for multi-unit or franchise organizations who want a single centralized toll-free or vanity number with calls seamlessly routed to the appropriate franchise location. Franchisors may now control call distribution and pull performance reports across the entire network of franchisees.

Geographic routing is completely customizable and simple to update:

  1. Start by adding your office locations and radius for each agent or dealer.
  2. Choose to route by zip code or area code.
  3. Decide whether you want to automatically route or ask your callers to enter their zip code to route.
  4. Set up routing rules for overlapping dealer territories.
  5. View reporting to show how many calls are routed to each location.
  6. If you ever need to make changes or updates, you can upload hundreds of territories at once to make batch updates.


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