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From time to time, you may receive calls on your tracking numbers from solicitors or spam callers that you want to block. This is possible, but beware that this feature doesn’t work for the Target/Receiving Numbers.

All Blocked callers who call in will hear a busy signal or an error message when they try to call one of your tracking numbers (depending on the carrier), instead of being routed normally. You will not incur charges for these attempted calls, and the incoming call will not appear in your call log.

  • In your call log, on the far right column under actions, you will see a variety of actions.
  • Click the red flag button and then you can select the “Block future calls like this one” box.

Red Flag Button

When blocking, you can choose to block a number from calling or by a CNAM(Caller ID).

Block Future Calls Like This

Be careful about blocking a general caller by CNAM (Caller ID) like “Restricted” or “Not Available” because many legitimate callers may have a blocked caller ID.

You can see your list of blocked callers by going to Calls > Blocked Numbers.
On this page, you can also edit/delete blocks that you have in place and see when they were last blocked.

Blocked Numbers