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Call Scoring allows you to customize the Score column of the call log.  Using the Score panel, you can apply reporting tags, set a star rating, and mark calls as conversions.

The features in the Score panel can be used in a number of ways.  The following is a list of fields that can be set in this panel and some suggestions for how they might be used:

  • Reporting Tags appear as text in the Score column (in place of the Score icon).  These can be used to enter very brief notes for the subject matter of the call, product names or services discussed on the call, or labels like “wrong number.”
  • Star Ratings range from one to five stars, and will also appear in the Score column.  You might use these to rate the quality of a lead, or managers might use them to rate agent performance while reviewing calls.
  • Conversions mark a call as a sale within your call log.  When the toggle is turned on, a checkbox will appear in the Score column.  You can also enter the dollar value and the date that the conversion was made, which will also show in the Score column.

You will also find the conversion and revenue information within many of our other call reports such as the calls by source report.

Administrators can customize the name of scoring column and fields, and can also specify a set list of available reporting tags that can be used in the account.


Scoring a Call

  1. Navigate to Calls → Call Log.
  2. Click the Score icon  to open the detail panel to the Score tab.
  3. Here, you can enter a reporting tag or choose from any previously used tags.  This tag will appear as text in the Score column of the call log for this call.
    • To keep your tagging consistent, you may wish to enforce a limited list of reporting tags to choose from.  See “Customizing Call Scoring” below to learn more.
  4. If you wish to give the call a star rating, use the “Score Call” drop-down to select from one to five stars.
  5. If you wish to mark calls as conversions in your call log or add a dollar value to a call, click to enable the “Converted” toggle.
  6. A row will appear where you can enter the dollar value and a date to the call.
  7. Click Save Changes.


Removing Call Scores

To remove any of the score settings you have applied to a call, click in the Score column in your call log to open the panel and click Remove Score.  This will reset all of the score data for this call.

You can also remove individual pieces of data in the score panel without removing all of the score information.  Reporting tags can be removed by clicking the x next to the tag in the field, and the star rating can be removed by selecting “no rating” from the drop-down.

Note: if you have marked a call as converted and entered a dollar value, using the toggle to turn “Converted” off will not remove the dollar value associated to the call.  You will need to delete the dollar value manually or use Remove Score to clear the dollar value.  If you need to quickly locate calls in your call log that have a dollar value but the conversion toggle is off, use this filter to find those calls and adjust the score settings as needed.


Reporting on Converted Calls

If you are using star ratings, the conversion toggle, and conversion amounts, you will see these values reported in the table of metrics in your account Activity Report and ROI Report.

You can also use triggers to automate a series of events in your account based on scoring information, such as an email notification or Google Analytic event being sent when a call is marked as converted.


Customizing Call Scoring

Admins can customize the score options that are available in the call log by navigating to Calls → Call Scoring.  The changes made here will apply to all users in the account.

You can also control which users are able to access call scoring using access controls in your account.

Click Save Changes anywhere on this settings page when you are finished.



The Score section offers customization options for star ratings in the call log.  You can use the “Enable Score” column to toggle whether this field is available in your account.  The “Column Name” field will let you change the name of the Score column in the call log, and the “Field Name” field will let you change the label for the star rating drop-down in the detail panel.

By default, this toggle is enabled, the column is named “Score,” and the field is labeled “Score Call.”



This section allows you to toggle whether calls can be marked as conversions in your account.  You can also choose to rename the label for the toggle in the detail panel.

By default, the toggle is enabled and has the label “Converted.”


Converted Amount

This section allows you to toggle whether the field to enter a dollar value for converted calls is available in your account.  You can also use the “Field Name” field to change the label associated with the field in the detail panel.

By default, the converted amount field is enabled and is labeled “Converted Amount.”



The Tags section allows you to toggle the ability to add call tags in your account, and also allows you to edit the label for that field.

By default, call tags are enabled and the field is labeled “Tag Call.”


Reporting Tags

The Reporting Tags section allows you to toggle whether reporting tags can be applied in your account or to rename the field.  You can also choose to limit the reporting tag list, which will allow you to specify a list of reporting tags that can be used in this account.  Anyone applying a reporting tag to a call will only be able to select tags from this list.

If you choose to limit the tag list, enter the tags you wish to use into the provided field (one tag per line).  You can edit this list at any time.  If you turn the “limit the tag list” toggle off, the list of tags is not deleted, so you can easily re-enable it at a later time.

By default, reporting tags are enabled, the field is named “Reporting Tag,” and the limited tag list is off.



This section allows you to enable or disable the ability to enter notes for a call (this appears in the Contact section of the detail panel).  You can also change the name of the field if you wish.

By default, notes are enabled and are labeled “Notes.”