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You can filter the call log and reports using many different filters. The easiest way to filter however is using the search interface. Within the search interface there are a number of useful search filters that can be applied without going to the builtin filter interface. Using a simple syntax, you can construct search queries that filter the reports and log to see just the same of data you desire.

Here is the full list of filter columns that can be filtered through a search query.

Search Query Name Search Query Description
name caller name field
cnam the cnam database name field
search the raw search query e.g. (not provided)
referrer the full referring URL
location the full landing URL
source the Tracking Source name
direction entry type, e.g. inbound,outbound, form, msg_inbound, msg_outbound
email contact email address
street contact street
city contact city
state contact state
tracking_label the name provided on the tracking number dialed
status the entry status, e.g. answered, no-answer, in-progress, etc…
medium advertising medium
paid.campaign advertising campaign
paid.keyword advertising paid keyword
paid.ad_group advertising paid ad group
tag_list list of content tags applied to the contact record of the call
is_new_caller was the call a new call or a repeat call
inbound_rate_center.tollfree if the tracking number is toll free or not toll free country of the dialed tracking number e.g. GB, US, AU, etc… Name of the agent dialed
business_label Name of the receiving number dialed
gender Gender of the contact e.g. male, female The reporting tag label
_missing_ include results when a specific field is missing
_exists_ include results when a specific field exists.

You can also filter by using our filter interface. This gives you the ability to filter by tags, agents, type, source, tracking number, receiving number, length of call and key press.

Filter by using our filter interface