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Agents in call queues can use the Deal Finders Funnel softphone to accept inbound calls from a computer using a headset. Setting the softphone to accept calls mode tells the system you are available to take incoming calls, so calls that ring to a call queue you are assigned to or calls that ring directly to you will ring on their phone window.

Accepting Calls: Video 28:30 – 36:00


You will need a microphone in order to make outbound calls. If your computer does not have a microphone built in, you’ll need to use a headset that is compatible with your computer. When you open the softphone for the first time, you should get a pop-up from your browser asking for permission to access your computer’s microphone. Make sure you click accept when this prompt appears, and always allow if that option is available.

Accept Calls

1) Launch the softphone by clicking the phone icon or the Phone button in your call log. A pop-up will appear with a dial pad.
2) Click Accept Calls to set yourself to accept calls mode.
3) When a call rings to you, the softphone window will change to show a yellow Answer Incoming Call button and a blue Ignore Call button.

  • Click Answer to connect to the caller. While the call is active, you’ll have new options in your phone for transferring, placing the call on hold, conference calls, notes, and scoring.
  • Click Ignore to choose not to answer this call, but remain in accept calls mode.

Accepting Calls
If you have been accepting calls but need to take a break or make an outbound call, click Stop Accepting Calls to make yourself unavailable for calls.

Answering Calls from the Call Log
Softphone controls
If you are an agent in a call queue, you will have the option to pick up incoming calls from the call log. Calls that are ringing will show a flashing green Answer button on the left hand side of the log. Clicking this button will answer the call and open your softphone for you.

See Who’s Accepting Calls
Softphone controls
From the users list page, you can easily see which agents in your account are accepting calls. There are two phone columns on this page with green and red indicators to show each agent’s status.

The Phone icon phone on the left indicates whether the phone is enabled or disabled for this user. This is more of a behind-the-scenes status that will not typically change for any user in the account.

  • A green symbol here indicates the person can be dialed in the system.
  • If you are troubleshooting routing issues in your account and see a red symbol here, you may need to contact Deal Finders Funnel support for assistance.

The Mobile phone icon phone on the right indicates whether the agent has the softphone open and set to accepting calls.

  • A green symbol here indicates the agent is in accept calls mode.
  • A red symbol indicates the agent’s softphone is not accepting calls or they are already on an active call.