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Triggers can be used to automate processes in your account based on specific aspects of a call, such as applying tags, adding dollar values, sending text messages, or updating custom fields. Actions can be triggered at the start or end of a call, or based on events detected during a call.

In order to use the softphone, you will need:

  • A microphone (we recommend a headset with a boom microphone)
  • A strong internet connection

Edit iconThe Edit button on the left side of each call in the call log opens an extra panel of call detail for the call you’re viewing. A number of valuable tools can be found in this panel, as well as extra information about the web visitor associated with the call.


Call recordings are available on all Deal Finders Funnel accounts for no additional fee. If call recording is enabled for a tracking number in your account, calls to that number will be recorded and can be retrieved from the call log or shared through notifications.


Custom Fields allow you to import specific information with your contacts that are important to your business.


Adding and Managing Auto Dialer Contacts

Once your auto dialer has been created and saved, you may upload contacts to dial. Adding and Managing Auto Dialer Contacts: Video 48:40 – 1:00:00 Min. Uploading Numbers to Dial Contacts can be added to the dialer by uploading a csv file or by manually adding a…


Deal Finders Funnel offers click to call forms (called FormReactor) that are easily embedded on your website that allow you to immediately connect to new form leads. Many of our clients use these forms as call scripts as well.

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