How Can We Help?


Can I change plans after I sign up?

Absolutely, at any point in time you can upgrade or downgrade to a different plan. If you change plans in the middle of a billing cycle but there are no refunds or prorations on your plans.

How do you bill me?

When you create your account, you will enter your credit card and choose a plan. Your credit card(s) will be used to satisfy all invoices due like monthly software subscriptions, add-on services, and funnel usage. Funnel usage includes your tracking numbers, minutes, text messages, ringless voicemails, etc. and any other premium services you choose to turn on per your signed terms of service. We will charge your card(s) per your signed terms of service as necessary to satisfy invoices.

How do I get started?

The Deal Finders Funnel is very powerful software. Do not get frustrated by trying to microwave success. The Funnel will be your automated sales & marketing tool and CRM for many years to come.

Attend the Funnel Weekly Coaching Calls.

Where can I forward my calls?

You can forward your tracking numbers to one or multiple receiving numbers like your office line, desk phone, cell phone, or our VOIP computer-based softphone using a browser. You can have them all ring at the same time or set-up sequential ringing so it will ring one and then the other. We offer many other ringing patterns as well such as geographic routing, IVR routing, call queues etc.

What if I want to stop the service?

You can cancel and stop the service at any time and you can release your numbers at any time. Simply create a support ticket.

How many tracking numbers do I need?

If you are looking to track online advertising, for the most accurate results, we recommend 1 tracking number per 25 website visitors a day. This means if your landing pages has 100 visitors a day we would recommend 4 tracking numbers. For tracking offline advertising sources you would only need 1 number per advertising channel, for example 1 number for RVMs, 1 number for bandit signs, and 1 number for TV. Many clients also purchase tracking numbers for each agent to be used as their outbound dialing number and direct call back number OR for each marketing campaign within a specific channel.

What if I already have numbers I want to keep?

No problem, this is a process called porting. We will gladly port over your already existing number into our system for no additional cost (USA and Canada only). You can start that process on the port numbers page in your account. It typically takes 2 – 4 weeks for the numbers to port over to us, but there should not be any downtime as the numbers port.