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You can set up tracking numbers to track your Email campaigns in just a few simple steps so that each time a call comes in you know that it was a result of that email campaign. 

Your email tracking number can be placed directly in your Email templates and it can dynamically appear to visitors who click through your Email links to your website.

Here’s how you would set it up:

1. In your email program, tag the links in your Email with a tagging parameter such as utm_source=email or utm_source= emailnov13  Some people tag all of their email campaigns with the same URL tags and use the same tracking number for all of them, others tag each one differently and set up different tracking numbers to track each campaign.

2. Go into DealFindersFunnel and set up a new source called “Email”Numbers > Tracking Sources, 
you will see this option already exists as a quick source in the dropdown at the top of the create tracking source page.
Source name
You can update the name to be anything you wish. Edit your “Email” tracking source to match the way you are tagging your email links. For example, if you tag the end of your Email links with utm_source=email, you would want to switch your Email source from an offsite source to an onsite source and then type utm_source=email into the landing URL field on the source setup page. In doing this, you are enabling dynamic number insertion to happen whenever someone comes to your website with that tag in their URL- and thus, they will see the tracking number that you associate with this Email source.
Tracking source triggers
3. The last step would be to assign a tracking number(s) to the Email source(s) you just set up. You can do that by going to “buy numbers” and then selecting the source you just set up in the set up and purchase area OR if you already have the number purchased, you can go to Numbers> tracking sources and choose to add the tracking number to that source.

Setup and purchase

In following these steps, anytime someone clicks through from one of your Emails, they will see the tracking number you have associated with that Email source.  You should also put that tracking number in your actual Email so you cover all the bases.