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GeoContact allows a business to dynamically replace the phone number on their website based on the visitor’s geographic location. It works in conjunction with the number insertion that occurs for advertising channel tracking purposes.

Providing a phone number that visitors are comfortable calling means they will be more likely to call. GeoContact is a fantastic way to increase call conversions around the world, maximizing the return for the business on global advertising campaigns.

GeoContact works by matching a website visitor’s location to a tracking number. For example, a visitor in Italy will see an Italian phone number, whereas a visitor from the UK will see a UK number. In the US and Canada, businesses can also show a tracking number that is closest to the visitor down to the area code level. So, a visitor in New York will see a different number than someone in Maryland.

GeoContact is easy to enable in a Deal Finders Funnel account and can be set up in minutes.

To set up GeoContact:

  1. Purchase tracking numbers for the countries you wish to target. We recommend purchasing toll free numbers (where available) for each country you wish to target. Remember to purchase the recommending number of tracking numbers for this source/location combination to ensure accuracy in the website visitor we are matching to each call. We recommend 1 tracking number for every 25 visitors a day you expect to the website from this tracking source/country/area code combination. For example, if you expect 100 visitors a day from France through your Google Adwords ads, you should purchase 4 French tracking numbers to serve as your French tracking numbers for the Google Adwords tracking source.
  2. For those visitors coming from the US/CA, you can also purchase local phone numbers in each area code you wish to target. You should also have a toll free for US/CA to cover those visitors where we cannot identify their regional location.
  3. As you purchase tracking numbers, associate them to the tracking source you wish to use GeoContact on. After your purchase, or for existing tracking numbers, navigate to tracking sources and click “update numbers” to associate the numbers to the tracking source(s) for GeoContact.
  4. Go to tracking sources and click edit next to the tracking source you wish to enable for GeoContact. Click GeoContact on the left side,  and then switch the dropdown to “enabled”.
  5. Select the default tracking number(s) that you would like shown when when no geo data is available. It can be a group of tracking numbers to ensure you have enough for the traffic volume you are expecting to ensure you have high accuracy with visitor/call matches. We suggest 1 tracking number for every 20 visitors you expect to your site each day without any geo data.

Note: we recommend when purchasing numbers, to label them for each region you want to target. This will make it easier later to identify them when associating them to a tracking source. e.g. Germany, or Maryland, US.