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Target numbers are the phone numbers on your website that can be dynamically changed to a tracking number. If you want to be able to replace multiple numbers on your website, you will need to add a target number for each phone number on your site. Our tracking code looks for the target numbers on your website and dynamically inserts a tracking number in their place.  The tracking number will use attempt to use the same format as the target number as it appears on your website.

When you initially purchase and set up tracking numbers, the number you enter as the receiving number will also be assigned as the target number by default.  You can change this or add more target numbers from the target numbers page in your account.

Multiple tracking numbers can be assigned to the same target number as needed, and vice versa.


Types of Target Numbers

There are two types of target numbers that you can set up in your account:

  • Phone Match: this target number type will look for the number you enter, and should be able to read that number in any common format, like the following:
    • 555-123-4567
    • (555) 123-4567
    • 555.123.4567
    • 555 123 4567
  • Exact Match: this target number type will look for the exact string that you enter in the field.  If you have a vanity number you need to replace, like 555-123-CARS, you will need to use an exact match target number.  Occasionally, the script may have difficulty identifying the number on your site even if it isn’t a vanity number, so using an exact match may help.
    • Important note: if you use an exact match target number, you must create an additional target number that is a phone match.  In the example below, the number that shows on the site is 555-123-TEST.  This requires two target numbers: an exact match for 555-123-TEST, and a phone match that is (555) 123-8378 (the numbers you would dial to spell “test”).  Both of these must be assigned to the tracking number that you want to be shown on the site.

Target numbers


Creating a Target Number

  1. Navigate to Numbers  Target Numbers.
  2. Click New Target Number in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter a description of the number in the Description field (optional).
  4. Use the Exact Match toggle to choose your target number type.
    • Click the Exact Match toggle if you need to target a vanity number on your site, or if the script is having trouble reading the normal number on your website.
    • Leave Exact Match off if you’re not using a vanity number, or if you have already created an exact match number and you are adding a phone match number to go with it.
  5. Enter the number on your site in the Target Number field.  If you are creating an exact match, we recommend that you copy/paste the number exactly as it appears in your source code.
  6. In the Numbers section, click to select the tracking numbers that you want to be able to replace this target number on your website.
  7. Click Save Changes.
  8. If you have created an exact match number, repeat these steps to create a phone match number to go with it.