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This article covers details of a feature that requires the Hubspot integration.

Integrating HubSpot with FormReactor

If you use HubSpot’s form feature, configuring the FormReactor portion of the integration will allow you to link a HubSpot form to a FormReactor call flow in DFF.  Note that the integration requires your HubSpot form gets a valid phone number from the contact.

  1. Navigate to  Settings → Integrations → Hubspot, then click or scroll down to the FormReactor section.
  2. Copy the webhook URL from this section.
  3. Create a workflow in HubSpot beginning with “Enrollment Criteria: Contact has filled out <form name>,” where <form name> is the name of the form you have created in HubSpot. Add “Trigger a webhook” as the next step of the workflow and paste the webhook URL you copied from your DFF account, then save the workflow.