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Offline Sources

  • These sources include TV, Print, Radio, Billboards etc.

For each medium you can use 1 Tracking Number. For example, you can assign a tracking number to a specific billboard or a tracking number to a specific ad that airs on a particular radio station.

Example: John Doe has one Radio ad and one print ad. He buys and assigns one tracking number for Radio ads and one tracking number for his print ad.

Online Sources

  • These sources include onsite mediums such as Google Adwords, Google Organic, Bing Organic etc. These sources are where the tracking number will dynamically appear on your webpage when a visitor accesses it through an online source.

We recommend 1 tracking number for every 20 daily visitors to your website from each individual source.

Example: Jane Doe averages 200 daily visitors to her webpage via Google Adwords ads and an additional 40 visitors to her webpage through links in email campaigns. She buys and assigns 10 tracking numbers for Google Adwords ads and 2 tracking numbers for her email campaigns. The system will evenly distribute how many visitors see the tracking numbers in your online sources across the day. The system remembers which tracking number each visitor saw and it will continue to show that same number to them each time they come back to your website.

Likelihood Scores

  • Likelihood scores apply to online sources only.

Likelihood scores refer to how confident we are that a particular website visitor made each phone call. We recommend the guidelines for online sources to have as close to 100% accuracy as possible. We will always match a visitor to your calls, but you may notice a drop in Likelihood scores if the 1 to 20 guideline is not closely followed. You can always watch and monitor your likelihood scores in your call log. Click the bar chart icon in the source detail column for a particular call that has visitor data:

You can also see the details of that visitor that was matched to the call as well as the likelihood score.

You may see that multiple visitors were potential matches for your call. Deal Finders Funnel will automatically match the caller with the highest likelihood but you can override the match. To do so you can click check for other sessions and then click use to the match desired.

Accuracy Report

View our accuracy report  which can be found in Reporting->Accuracy Reports. This report will tell you by source if you need more tracking numbers, less tracking numbers, or if they are just right based on the criteria explained in this article.