How Can We Help?

If you would like to port a number away from DealFindersFunnel, you should initiate that request with the carrier you would like to move the number to. They will walk you through their process and contact us to confirm that you want to move the number to them. We do not charge any fees to release numbers for port and we will respond to these requests quickly.  Tracking numbers must be kept in your account for at least 90 days prior to porting away to another carrier. 

To ensure the porting process is not interrupted, it is important that you keep the numbers active in your DealFindersFunnel account until you have final confirmation from the new carrier that the number has been fully ported.  Once you have received this confirmation, it’s safe to release the numbers from your DealFindersFunnel account.  If you no longer wish to use your account at this time, you can cancel your account instead, which will automatically release any remaining numbers in the account.

To Port Numbers Away from DealFindersFunnel:

  1. Contact the carrier you wish to move the numbers to.  They will work with you to get the numbers moved and can provide updates on the status of the port.
  2. We will notify you via email when a port away request has been made.  The carrier you are moving your numbers to will contact us when the port has been submitted so that we can verify that you approve the port.
  3. You must reply to this email with your approval of the port.  Otherwise, we will automatically reject all port away requests on your behalf.
  4. When you have received confirmation the numbers have fully ported to the new carrier, you may cancel your account or release the numbers that have ported away.
    • To release numbers but keep your account active, log in and navigate to Numbers  Tracking Numbers.  Click Edit next to the number, then click Release Number on the right side of the page.
    • To cancel your account or subaccount, log in and navigate to Settings  Account Settings.  Scroll to the Status section, then click the option to Cancel Account on the right side of the page to end your subscription and release any numbers remaining in the account.