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Port Your Existing Tracking Numbers

Often, customers have phone numbers that they would like to transfer over to DealFindersFunnel so that any calls that come into those numbers can be tracked on our platform. We do not charge any fees to port your numbers to us.  Once they are on our system, you can cancel the service from your previous provider and you will pay the monthly tracking number fees for your DealFindersFunnel plan. Down the road, should you need to leave DealFindersFunnel , you can port those numbers away from us; we just require that they run on our system for at least 60 days before they can be ported away.

  • Porting typically takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

  • ​We can port numbers into our system from the US and Canada only.

Start the Porting Process

1. Go to Numbers → Port Numbers.

2. To port a new number, select the “Port New Numbers” button on the top right corner.
Port New Numbers
3. On this page, enter your current carrier’s name.

Enter carrier name

4. In the “Numbers to Port” section, enter in the number to port as well as the receiving number that the tracking number should forward calls to (such as your call center’s number, your office number, or your receptionist’s number). You can change this at any time.

5. Also, choose the tracking source (advertising channel) you want to track with each of your numbers.

6. To add additional numbers to the port, select the “Add Number” button.

Add number

7. If your port is large and you would like to copy/paste, you can create a .txt file that follows this format for columns: number to port, receiving number, tracking source, and account name. Select the “Paste a List of Numbers” button.

8. Once your data is pasted, click “Add to List” to save your updates.

Add to list

9. In the Customer sections, enter the customer name and billing address on file currently for the numbers with your current provider. This needs to be an exact match to the name and billing address that appears on your telephone bill.
Customer name
Billing address

10. Click “Continue to Letter of Authorization” button. There is a signature block at the bottom of the letter of authorization, which you will click to sign.

Continue to Letter of Authorization
11. Enter your signature by selecting “Click to Sign.”
Click to sign

12. After your signature is entered, select “Insert.”


13. After your signature is entered, you will see a confirmation message. Select “Continue” to advance to the next screen.
14. Then, you will need to click the “I Agree” button to confirm your electronic signature through our third-party processor.
Click I Agree

15. You will be taken to the Proof of Ownership page where you will upload a screenshot, photo, or scanned copy of a recent bill or invoice from the current carrier. Select “Choose File” to upload your proof of ownership file.

16. Once uploaded, click the “Send Proof of Ownership” button.

Monitor the Porting Process

1. You can check the Port Numbers page to see the latest status of your port request. After submitting your request, the porting team will review your paperwork and submit it to the carriers.  If there are any questions, you will receive an email from the team.

  • If the current carrier approves the port away request, you will see an exact date
    and time that your numbers will port over. You will get an alert via email as well once the port is

2. On the Port Numbers page, you can also view the notes for any issues or questions regarding your port.

  • Your numbers should not have any downtime throughout the porting process provided the
    losing carrier immediately transfers the numbers at the scheduled time and that you have the correct routing
    configuration for the numbers set up in your DealFindersFunnel account.
  • You can see any notes our porting team has given you in the notes section
  • While you are waiting for the numbers to port, the numbers will appear in your account
    (typically around the time the port scheduled date has been scheduled) so you can then go into
    DealFindersFunnel and set up the exact routing pattern you desire.  Once the moment the numbers port to
    us, they will be routing correctly.