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Agent routing allows you to choose how we should call each agent.

  • The Call Distribution : How should calls be distributed to agentsCall distribution
    • simultaneously : call each agent at the same time or in groups based on the weighting provided
    • roundrobin : rotate between each agent evenly and sequentially dial each agent
  • Sticky Agents : Always try to route the caller back to the same agent who was first connected to the caller (if they call back within 30 days)
  • Dial Agents Immediately: agents may hear a message “Waiting for caller” while they wait for the caller to finish hearing any greeting messages such as “This call will be recorded”
  • Seconds per agent: how much time to give to each agent before trying to call the next available agent
  • Keep Ringing until answer : Keep ringing each agent until answered. When on seconds per agents becomes seconds before dialing the next set of agents, but we will not stop ringing the current agents until the no answer timeout or the call is answered.
  • Repeat Caller (Sticky Agents): route repeat callers to the same agent (helps build personal rapport), or to new agents every time (makes support team seem larger)
  • Edit Agent Routing rulesMore information can be found here

Routing Options screen