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This article covers detailed queue settings information.  We recommend you start by following the instructions in this article before proceeding. 


The options in the No Answer section of queue settings determine what happens to calls that are not answered by the agents assigned to the queue.

By default, calls are terminated if no agents answer within 30 seconds.


Bypass Queue

Enabling this option will skip directly to the specified no answer routing behavior instead of waiting for the “seconds to answer” time to expire.

By default, the caller will wait for the full “seconds to answer” time before being following the no answer routing.


Seconds to Answer

“Seconds to answer” determines the total amount of time that a queue will wait for an agent to answer a call.  When this time is expired, the caller will be sent to the no answer routing that has been configured for the queue.


Route When No Agent Is Available

This setting controls what happens to a call that is not answered by any of the assigned agents.  The following no answer routing options can be selected:

  • Hang up (default)
  • Voice Menu
  • Smart Router
  • Dial Number
  • Queue
  • Dial Agent

By default, unanswered calls will simply hang up.