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We have added a feature called Accuracy Reports.
This report will tell you by source if you need more tracking numbers, less tracking numbers, or if they are just right.
You can find this report under the Reporting >>Accuracy Reports.

You can select the date range that you would like to check, by default we do the last month.
You can use the tracking source drop-down to choose which tracking source you would like to check. Then click on “View by Source”.

This will bring up the chart of the accuracy for that source in that time frame. We will tell you on average how accurate we believe your call tracking is (matching a click to a call), how many tracking numbers you have for that source as well as if the allocation is good or if we believe you can have less numbers or if you should have more phone numbers for that source. The thin red line shows the standard deviation (the extremes).

In the example below we are looking at the Date range for June 1 2014 through June 30 2014 for the Source Referral. You can see that on average we had a 96.47% accuracy rate for 1 tracking numbers and our allocation looks good. We also show you that in the time frame we had 79 calls and 202 visitors to that tracking source in that time period. However on June 18th we had a spike in visitors, so this may affect how accurate your matching is. Overall the allocation for this month is good.

Average certainty