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The real-time agents report is a dashboard that displays live agent status and important call statistics.  It includes indicators for call center information (like number of live calls, available agents, missed calls, and queued callers) as well as a chart of recent inbound and outbound call activity.  Below that, there will be a timeline of status and user activity for each agent in your account.

The real-time agents report can be found under Reporting > Real-time Agents.

Reporting > Real-time Agents

Report Settings

The toolbar at the top of the page allows you to customize your view of the real-time agent report.​

  • The Live Activity drop-down can be used to change the day you’re viewing data for.  By default, this will use today’s data, but days for the past full week will be available here.
  • The Filters + button allows you to filter the report for a particular queue or agent.
  • The Compact View button will hide the timeline graph for each agent to show only their statistics instead.
  • The full screen button  will set the report to full screen mode (perfect for displaying this dashboard on a monitor in your call center).
  • The time range selectors will let you view the last hour of activity, last three hours, last eight hours, or the full day.

Live Activity

Call Stats

The following call statistics will be reported in the boxes at the top of the real-time agents report:

  • Inbound Calls: total inbound calls for the current day
  • Outbound Calls: total outbound calls for the current day
  • Live Calls: number of calls that are active right now
  • Agents Offline: number of agents not currently accepting calls
  • Agents Active: number of agents on live calls
  • Agents Ready: number of agents who are ready to take incoming calls
  • Missed Calls: total unanswered calls for the current day
  • Transfers: number of times calls were transferred for the current day
  • Queued Callers: number of calls in queues waiting to be answered
  • Custom Statuses: if you have created any statuses for your agents to use, statistics for those statuses will be reflected here in the dashboard.

Call Activity

A graph displaying inbound and outbound calls for the time you’re viewing (last hour, three hours, eight hours, or full day) will be shown below the call stats.  Inbound calls are displayed in blue, and outbound calls are displayed in orange.

Agent Activity

Each agent’s activity is displayed on a separate row below the call activity graph.  This will include the agent’s call statistics and status as well as a timeline to visually display their status throughout the day.

Call statistics for each user include:

  • Incoming Calls: the number of incoming calls that rang to the agent
  • Answered Calls: the number of calls answered by the agent
  • Missed Calls: the number of calls that rang to the agent, but were unanswered or answered by someone else
  • Avg Ringing: average ring time for calls that rang to this agent

Statuses for each user include:

  • Accepting Calls: time spent in accept calls mode
  • Outbound Calls: time spent on outbound calls
  • Inbound Calls: time spent on inbound calls
  • Custom Statuses: if you have created any statuses for your agents to use, statistics for those statuses will be reflected here in the dashboard (such as Break, Lunch, Meeting, and Assessment in the example below).

Agent Activity