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By default, agents who make outbound calls from the DealFindersFunnel softphone can select any tracking number in the account to show as their outbound caller ID.  Assigning an outbound number selects a default from that list for that particular agent to save them time.  With outbound numbers assigned, you can also update your account settings so agents can only use their assigned number, rather than allowing selection from a list.


Assigning a Number

  1. Navigate to Settings → Users.
  2. Locate the user you want to edit.  If you have a lot of users in your account, it may be easier to use the search bar.
  3. In the Outbound Number column, click (click to edit) and choose a number from the drop-down menu.
  4. To change this later, just click the number in the Outbound Number column.  Click x to remove the number, or choose another number from the menu to switch the assigned number.


Restricting Agents to One Outbound Number

With this feature on, any agent with an outbound number assigned will only be able to use that number as the outbound caller ID.  If any agent does not have an assigned outbound number, they will be allowed to choose from a list of all tracking numbers to use as their outbound caller ID.

If you use this option and the “best match” option together, “best match” will override the agents’ assigned  outbound caller IDs.

  1. Follow the steps above to make sure all agents have outbound numbers assigned.
  2. Navigate to Settings → Account Settings.
  3. Click or scroll down to the Behaviors section.
  4. Click to enable the “Always use the agent’s assigned outbound Caller ID” toggle.
  5. Click Update Features.

Always use the agent's assigned outbound Caller ID


Using “Best Match” Outbound Numbers

The “best match” option will automatically choose the tracking number that is closest to the number that is being dialed to use as outbound caller ID.  The system will pick a number from the same area code or the nearest geographical location to show when making the outbound call.

If you use this option and the “always use agent’s assigned outbound caller ID” option together, “best match” will override the agents’ assigned outbound caller IDs.

  1. Navigate to Settings → Account Settings.
  2. Click or scroll down to the Behaviors section.
  3. Click to enable the “Use best matching outbound Caller ID” toggle.
  4. Click Update Features.

Use best matching outbound Caller ID